Swedish Massage:
Rhythmic, soothing and flowing movements form the basis of this massage. Its works on the muscles and lymphatic system, leaving one with an overall feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation.
Deep Muscle & Tissue Treatments:
To get into the deeper layers of the body it is necessary to apply increased pressure. This is achieved by using the thumbs and middle fingers and elbow.
In this ancient healing art the therapist uses her fingers to apply pressure to key points on the surface of the skin (acupuncture uses the same points). This stimulates the body’s natural self-curative abilities.
This therapy focuses on stimulating reflex points on the feet to maintain good health. It is based on the theory that every part of the body corresponds to specific points on the feet and that by applying pressure to these points one is able to relax and balance the whole body, treating a great a range of disorders.
A unique and interactive counseling technique allows for the possibility of achieving a heightened sense of self-awareness and opens a channel for deep enquiry. By working with a human mirror one is gently encouraged to become aware of the subtle messages conveyed by body language, posture, eye contact, tone and pace of voice.
It is a state of absolute silence; to experience profound peace beyond the mind. Only in that thoughtless yet conscious awareness, one is able to see the truth.
It is a laying-on of hands, a curative system through touch which comforts and relieves pain. It is non-manipulative; quiet, peaceful and meditative. This experience addresses a spiritual rather than a physical healing.
Conscious Eating:
In this program, we examine eating habits and attitude to food and nourishment. After diagnosis, I will assist you in examining and breaking addictions through awareness and mind training. This will work hand–in–hand with learning new ways to nourish yourself.
Sound Singing:
I use specific sounds which correspond with the chakras. We will sing these together. The vibrational energy that is created by sound causes an instant healing effect in the body. According to the timbre, strength and clarity of your voice, I will give you direction as to where your work should be focused.
Yoga Integration:
I have practiced yoga since five years of age and I am in a constant learning process about my own body awareness. I gladly share that with you, helping you, on your amazing yoga journey. It certainly helped me when I had a frozen shoulder and it can help you with your chronic back or shoulder pains as well.
Emotional Release:
In a state of deep relaxation, we allow your stored-up Emotions to surface, thereby encouraging you to become aware of these feelings and to forgive yourself. These “stuck” energies may then evaporate.
During all treatments I will assess your breathing pattern. To encourage a healthier breathing pattern I offer a variety of techniques such as Yogic breathing (Pranayama), dynamic breathing , singing, and breath flow. These are all presented in a playful manner with a lot of laughter, which is, in itself, an easy way to encourage relaxed, deep breathing!