Deep Tissue MassageHello. Thank you for finding me!

My biggest clientele come for my massage skills and particular practice. I love to express myself this way and it tells!

In my work I alternate light and deep techniques, and always involve you in the experience. It is therefore a mutual communication.

Massage works like a shower. All your internal functions are activated without any effort being necessary from your side. You simply enjoy the touch, the cleansing and invigorating effect that it has on your body.

The environment is exceptionally peaceful. Our wonderful park-like garden welcomes anyone who has to wait for their turn to either sit peacefully or to simply wander about. For me massage and rush don’t belong together. I keep half an hour open before the next client arrives.There is time at the beginning to have an intake talk if required and to rest afterwards.

Body Awareness Kheli Pama - massage KnysnaDuring the summer, I work with the doors open to enable you to enjoy the sound of running water, the swaying trees and bird songs this will help you relax. During the Winter months the room is comfortably warm whilst I also use soft suitable music if you prefer that to silence.

If you prefer I can work feather-light or deep up to the bone. We communicate how you like it. Not every part of the body requires the same pressure. I use grape seed oil as a basic oil added to it some essential oils if you wish  and Indian herb cream especially for sore muscles.

Since 1995 I have worked as a masseuse. Even though many sportsmen and women find their way to me, I am essentially a relaxation therapist.

If all this appeals to you I am looking forward seeing you soon!










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