Winter Sunset at Mount Joy in Knysna

Winter Sunset at Mount Joy in Knysna

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I’m excited. Thanks to my new website, I can easily stay in touch with you through blogs on my website which are automatically mailed to you. Thank you for subscribing!

My idea is to allow this blog to develop. Any input from your side is welcome. You can either email me or stimulate interaction with others in the comment section below.

For me, life is a continuous journey of remembering what is important – leave the curls and bells behind. I hope that when you finish this letter, there will be a soft smile on your lips and you feel uplifted.

Celebration of yourself, as expressed through the poem below, is this week’s theme. Here in Knysna, it is Winter, an invitation to allow you to rest; to withdraw and introspect, to do what has not yet been done…to be clean and clear.

I love the Winter. There comes a time when all is complete. Then the meditative aspect has the possibility to arise. Be grateful and thankful. Life is beautiful. Its potential to be enjoyed is always there.

Wishing you a loving time with yourself, appreciating who you are. Use every tool you can find to assist you.

Enjoy this beautiful poem:

Celebration by Osho

Winter trees in a colourful world

I am here to help you to celebrate life in all possible ways

I am here to dance deeply with life,
to sing the song that is in your heart,
and to flower to your optimum

Then there is joy because there is fulfillment

Then even death is beautiful because one has lived,

one has known, one has loved, one has suffered,
one has felt the moments of great ecstasies

One has lived in all possible ways

One has experienced life in its pain,
in its pleasure, in its dark moments,
and the valleys, and the sunlight peaks…

But everything is based on one fundamental
that fundamental is celebration.

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