An all important anchor Hello:)

Life is speeding by.

Stronger than ever, I presently experience the importance of my inner journey; the effort it demands from me to connect with that elusive point of stillness; finding an all-important anchor that would help me to face all the on-going changes around me, its tumultous, unnerving speed and, still to manage somehow to remain at peace at the same time.

Thank you all for your support throughout the year! It has been fabolous to work with you and meet in that special place of relaxation and meditation.

I look forward to meeting again in the year to come.

Remember that Xmas gift vouchers for massage and reflexology are always well-appreciated presents. It gives me so much joy is to help you, your beloved, family and friends to enjoy a well deserved treat.

Wishing you a  wonderfully Festive Season filled with love.


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