Hello to you all,

Quietly I settled into my return to Africa, to my beautiful fully flowering Mount Joy Gardens, my sweetheart, my wonderful animals; my constant beloved companions.

 Yet, what a stunning experience and opportunity my journey to the Amritapuri Ashram in India turned out to be and was:  My meetings with Amma, a shining, in-your-face example of what one person is capable of and does, hands-on and tirelessly, on an on-going, never-ending daily basis.

If you are at all curious and given to do so, do remember to visit : www.amritapuri.org.

The Indian spirit was my constant companion during this entire period.  It was intoxicatingly alive with the singing, praying, meditating and eating by a contant stream of hundreds, if not thousands of Indian and foreign visitors, accompanied by the hypnotic sound of the rhythmic drums, lyrical horns, trance-like dancing and finally, the peaceful togetherness of everyone in Amma’s Ashram, all enjoying each other in her caring presence and attenion.

And of course there were the daily Yoga practices which had drawn me there; times of intense introspection; meetings with interesting and like-minded people, all the while experiencing a spirituality that mattered to me, which exhibited itself in so many different forms.  And in such an enchanting setting, which was clearly created by an almost tangible love and compassion, my heart melted oh so easily and my tears were those of gratitude in being be alive and having been guided there and able to consciously share in this experience.

I also became aware of what only one woman had been able to achieve, by simply insisting to be herself, to be courageous enough to live her insights and truth with a total refusal to kneel to the ever-present familial and social pressures.  In doing so, she effortlessly and joyfully inspires so many  in being a shining light to the Way ahead;  guiding us without judgment to rediscover ourselves and our intrinsic potential to the amazing beings we already are;  teaching me by her loving example to live my own love fearlessly and with conscious intent.

                                                                                                                                                                               with love Kheli


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2 Responses to My amazing experiences at the Amritapuri Ashram in India.

  1. Madelein says:

    One of the great joys in life is the discovery of like-minded people with whom you can form a deep connection. These relationships are mutually inspirational and always motivate me out of temporary stagnation and procrastination to continue to do those things that I feel passionate about. Welcome back Kheli, and may those close to you be blessed with your renewed fearlessness and conscious intents.

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