My name is Kheli and I’ve been working in Knysna for over 18 years as a massage therapist. Prior to that, for a further three years in Amsterdam, Holland.

I absolutely love my work!

For me, massage is the spiritual practice that reconnects me to the deeper, more vital realms within myself. Through touch I stay in touch…and sharing my experience with you is my constant joy.

Through the years, I’ve added valuable therapies that can help you to reconnect to yourself and others. These, such as Emotional Release and Mirror Counseling, can assist your path to the meditative experience.

A tranquil and magical setting acts as a backdrop to my treatments. There may be laughter, sometimes tears, but at all times you are assured of being able to connect to your inner Truth without fear, through a sense of complete privacy and safety with intimacy, trust and integrity as an underlying foundation.

Although I can work alone as a therapist, I will involve, or recommend, with your permission, colleagues or other professionals according to your specific needs and interests (see links).

I can work with you in English, Dutch or German.

Least, but certainly not last, I will talk about my wonderful husband, Yogesh. He has 40 years of legal and psychological experience. He is an insightful person and my best friend for 20 years. At home, he is the creator of “The Hanging Gardens of Mount Joy” and a film fundi. When you stay for a retreat or the B&A Program, he will certainly love to let you explore his big film collection for your relaxation or stimulation.

Thank you for discovering my website. If my words accord with your Heart, I look forward to meeting with you.

With Love, Kheli.