Welcome to our sanctuary, The Hanging Gardens of Mount Joy, which we delight in sharing with you.

After leaving your vehicle, you will be enchanted by a magical, park-like garden which is entirely surrounded by forest and has magical Shona sculptures observing you from hidden places and seducing you into leaving your mind behind for just a while.

 At the very heart of it you will find Massage: The Forgotten Language & Body Awareness which was created through working with people for more than twenty years. Not only will you discover the massage and bodywork to be of superior quality but you will learn to listen to the language of your body, to eat consciously and/or to meditate…..

It is an experience!

In the therapy room you may delight in the sound of birds, running water and swaying trees or, if you prefer, gentle music or silence accompanying you in an absolutely meditative atmosphere to allow your Being to fall into deep relaxation.

I take time with you.

All therapies are pure, clear and simple and lovingly executed with playfulness, lightness and humour, all the while reaching deeply into your recesses.

You may not want to leave:)

You may wish to book for The Body Awareness Program which comprises ten hours of therapy divided over three, five or seven days. For a special residential price during this period, live in one of our cozy, self-catering Mount Joy Cottages, lovingly constructed as a home away from home.

Welcome to our sanctuary, our paradise. Welcome to you all!

With love,
Kheli and Yogesh